Trolleys & Party Buses are not your typical transportation method, and they are a great way to create a memorable and unique experience for any group. There are a variety of fun and interesting things to do in Santa Barbara while on Limo Bus or a trolley, and we’re here to help when it comes to getting creative with your next trolley rental. Follow the list below to ensure that
Santa Barbara Trolley & Party Bus Check List:

1. Create a theme and follow it
Themes make everything more fun and will encourage everyone to go all out, take pictures, and make for a night they will not forget anytime soon. Themes are fun for any occasion including birthday parties, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and so much more. Whether you choose a Santa Barbara beach theme or a Hollywood theme to match the trolley, everyone is sure to love it.

2. Create a playlist that matches the occasion
The best thing about choosing a trolley is that you can stand up and party while the vehicle is moving. What better way to cruise around State street or Santa Ynez than with some killer beats that will get everyone on board ready to dance.

3. Choose a scenic route
Santa Barbara is full of beautiful and historic places to see, and is the perfect place for a scenic route. No matter where you’re going in the area, there is always a fun pit stop somewhere close. Here’s a few recommendations of things to do in Santa Barbara Stearn’s Warf, Old Mission, Scavenger Hunt, Brewery Tour, Wine Tasting or any of our scenic Santa Barbara beaches.